Cacti Consulting

Cacti is an open source network management framwork. It works well out of the box, but has many advanced features, that can save time, give you better performance, and help you better manage your network. We want to bring our expierence monitoring carrier grade swtiching equipment and servers to you.

We have developed numerouse Cacti Templates for annaylizing the performance of things ranging from bandwidth on switch ports, to CPU, SNMP data from environmental sensors. Some of these Templates have been open sourced and are available through our site. Examples are our VServer Templates as well as Hadoop Templates.

Our support of the cacti saves you time and gives your better results. We have experience with these advanced features:

  • Integrated Sign in with Active Directory/LDAP
  • Batch importing for larger deployments
  • Real Time Counter Graphing
  • Threshold Based Alerting
  • Developing monitoring for prorpietary applications

We assist with every stage of your deployment:

  • building and configuring cacti and mysql
  • Hardware inventory
  • Inveneory software components (mysql, apache)
  • locate MIB files for your hardwware
  • Setup hosts in cacti
  • Develop solutions to monitor prorpietary applications